Can eyelid tape permanently change eye shape?

Try to imitate the internal joints of the skin that create the double Asian eyelid fold. However, once the tape is not in contact with the skin or the sticky material of the tape has been cleaned, the eyelids usually return to their original shape. The only permanent solution would be surgery. Using adhesive eyelid tape for an extended period of time will not create a new permanent crease in the eyelid.

In addition, the constant use of adhesive tape or glue for the eyelids can have a negative consequence. There is only one way to create a permanent double eyelid fold and that is plastic surgery. As you can see, eyelid tape alone is enough to correct asymmetrical eyes and improve their appearance. But if you want to try another non-surgical method, makeup can also help.

Many young Asian patients try to create a double crease or a double eyelid fold by applying tape or glue to the eyelids. Tape and glue can create a double crease or crease on the eyelids in young patients because they lack excess skin; excess skin can make it difficult to form double eyelid folds. When patients use adhesive tape or glue for the eyelids, a temporary double crease of the eyelids may occur. but negative consequences will begin to occur.

Negative consequences include thickening of the skin on the eyelids and loosening of the skin on the eyelids. We'll address each of the components and the reasons why they occur. Using adhesive tape and eyelid glue for an extended period of time may not work for everyone, but I think it's entirely possible. Participants were also taught to clean their eyelids with a damp cotton pad, gently in a circular motion to remove excess dirt or grease from the eyelid, before applying the double-eyelid adhesive tape to improve their adhesion, and to repeat the step to loosen the adhesive tape to remove it.

The white, non-sticky outer back sheet was removed before using the Y-shaped applicator to gently push the upper eyelid up to create an eyelid fold. Eyelid thickening occurs when adhesive tape or eyelid glue is used, causing the edges of the skin to be irritated by friction. This could be due to restricted upper eyelid movements induced by the use of double-sided adhesive eyelid tape. After using the glue, I never lose my eyelid and now I have fairly large hidden eyelids in both eyes.

Therefore, it's wise to simply not use them at all or to undergo double eyelid surgery by a plastic surgeon who specializes in double eyelid surgery. Yes, the eyelid tape can cause the skin to crease, but it doesn't create a connection between the skin and the muscle that lifts the upper eyelid. Between concerns about glue allergies and concerns about stretching sensitive eyelid skin too much, it might be time to stop using eyelid tape for the long term. The prevalence of Asians born with double eyelids is 50%, while the prevalence of double eyelids among Malaysian and Chinese ethnicities is 100% and 70.1%, respectively.

Another negative consequence of using tape or glue for the eyelids is that the skin on the eyelids stretches. As the name suggests, eyelid glue is an adhesive that adheres to the skin of the eyelids to retract excess skin and create a crease. Inclusion criteria included having only one eyelid and not having used a double eyelid tape for the past six months. Many East Asians apply adhesive tape to two eyelids to temporarily create the double eyelid effect as a means of increasing their beauty.

I continued to use double adhesive eyelid tape (in one of my eyes) at night and now I have a small double eyelid that is quite permanent. The study was conducted to investigate the effects of using double-sided adhesive tape for four weeks on anterior eye structures and eye health in young adult women with only one eyelid. This was followed by gentle pressure on the newly created eyelid fold to ensure the adhesion of the double eyelid tape. .

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