Is eyelid cleaning important?

Unless you thoroughly clean the contour of the eye, all dirt and debris will remain under the eyelid, where they will be trapped. Eyelid hygiene is especially effective as a preventive measure. A person who keeps their eyelids clean protects themselves from a variety of potentially serious eye conditions. Cleaning your eyelids every day, especially if you wear makeup, can improve dry eye symptoms and prevent dry eyes from getting worse.

An essential part of controlling and preventing eyelid infections is eyelid hygiene. However, you should be very careful when cleaning your eyelids. Remember that the skin on the eyelids is extremely thin and sensitive. By preventing the accumulation of bacteria, proper eyelid hygiene prevents blepharitis and the subsequent possibility of suffering from Demodex.

Keeping our eyelids and eyelashes clean is also vital to protect the millions of glands that line our eyelids and help secrete our tears. When these glands become dirty or clogged, they can't release important oils into the tear and the front surface of the eye is left unprotected. Not only does this worsen the symptoms of dryness, but it can also be a serious threat to eye health and increases the risk of corneal tissue damage. Our entire line of eyelid hygiene products can be used to help protect eye health by helping to eliminate blepharitis and promoting a healthy tear film and eye surface.

Keeping our eyelids and eyelashes clean can protect the millions of glands that line our eyelids and help secrete tears. If this area isn't kept clean, bacteria can build up on the eyelids and cause a number of problems. Waldrop said there are several factors that can influence the health of your eyelids, often factors you can't control, such as exposure to things from the environment, and that sometimes the medications you take can influence your eyelids. Gently clean the eyelashes and the margins of the eyelids, starting from the side that is close to the eyes and leading to the temples.

In their case, it's much more like the type of acne that occurs on the skin, and they have a type of painful focal swelling on the eyelid that can be difficult to treat and requires more than just eyelid hygiene. An ophthalmologist from North Texas explains why eyelid hygiene is important and how to keep them clean and healthy. Blepharitis is a condition in which the eyelids become inflamed, causing the eyelids to become red, sore, and crusty.

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