How to use blephadex eyelid wipes?

Both the upper and lower eyelids should be thoroughly cleaned to cleanse the skin around the eyes. After showering or washing your face and with clean hands, simply open the sealed Blephadex pouch and take out a cool, wet wipe for your eyelids. Clean one eye at a time. Holding the eyelid wipe with one hand, gently wipe the lower edge of the eyelid where the eyelashes grow, then wipe the edge of the upper eyelid where the eyelashes grow, and finally close the eye and clean the area where the eyelids meet.

Then, turn the eyelid wipe over to use the opposite side for the other eye and repeat the same process. The Blephadex wipe gently cleanses and soothes, eliminating excess oil and the build-up of crusts along the eyelid margin. Blephadex eyelid wipes allow you to gently massage the eyelid margin, stimulating the tiny sebaceous glands and allowing natural oils to seep into tears. Blephadex is a brand of eyelid wipes that contain the natural and soothing ingredients of tea tree and coconut oil.

Blephadex eyelid wipes can be used every day to help alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eye syndrome and blepharitis. Blephadex eyelid wipes include coconut oil in a safe concentration to provide a soothing moisturizing treatment to soften and soothe the eyes and relieve dry eye discomfort. Blephadex eyelid wipes come in individually sealed bags, maintain their moisture and are always fresh and hygienically. A single wipe can be used every day or every few days to gently wipe away excess oil and crust buildup along the eyelid.

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