What is best to wash eyelids with?

Use a prepared eyelid scrub solution recommended by your optometrist or a mixture of warm water and some non-irritating shampoo (such as a baby shampoo). Close one eye and wipe the solution back and forth over the eyelashes and the edge of the eyelid with a clean washcloth (one separately for each eye). Eyelid scrubs are gentle cleansers that soothe inflamed eyelids and help treat some eye conditions. They eliminate bacteria, oils and crusts that form along the lash line.

This helps to relieve itching and inflammation. The eyelid protects the eye well on its own, but people should do their part by making sure the eyelids stay clean. Here, optometrists at GW Eye Associates discuss the importance of cleaning the eyelids to preserve vision and offer advice to our patients in La Jolla, California, Carmel Valley, CA and San Diego, CA, on how to clean the eyelids properly. More specifically, clean eyelids protect the glands in the eyelids that are responsible for secreting tears.

Antibiotics applied to the eyelid have been shown to relieve symptoms and resolve bacterial eyelid infection.

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