Should you wash your eyelids with soap?

The presence of the bacteria can cause sties and even toxic kerititis (inflammation of the cornea) called staff hypersensitivity. To prevent bacteria from building up, it's important to wash your eyelids every day. This can be done with baby shampoo, Cetaphil skin cleanser, or Sterilid or Ocusoft eyelid cleansers. Regular use of warm compresses, gentle eyelid massages and eyelid scrubs can help eliminate crust formation and reduce inflammation.

People with blepharitis should practice good eyelid hygiene and apply a mild cleanser (such as a baby shampoo) to the eyelids to keep them crust-free, especially during exacerbations. Eyelid scrubs can be effective in relieving dry, itchy, and peeling eyelids due to ALMD or PLMD, although PLMD is more likely to return over time. Swelling around the corners of the eyelids caused by poor eyelid hygiene can prevent the glands from secreting oil in tears.

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