Does eyelid tape work permanently?

The second type uses double-sided eyelid tape or liquid glue, which creates a crease when attached to the skin of the eyelid. This is better than surgical procedures, meaning there are multiple solutions for ptosis. However, adhesive eyelid tape is undoubtedly the best way to fix it without surgery. In general, eyelid tapes work both temporarily and permanently.

Temporary if you use them once or twice a week. And permanently if you apply them every 3 days. You must be consistent, otherwise it won't work. Britain Todd, the founder of Contours Rx, had a similar problem when she was looking for adhesive eyelid tape to fix her own eyelids.

Another negative consequence of using tape or glue for the eyelids is that the skin on the eyelids stretches. Eyelid thickening occurs when adhesive tape or eyelid glue is used, causing the edges of the skin to be irritated by friction. Manipulating the eyelids with the tape is likely to cause a slight stretching of the eyelids. People with constant eyelid swelling that is poorly controlled also loosen the skin on their eyelids over time.

Contours Rx LIDS BY DESIGN eyelid correction strips are specifically designed to lift saggy eyelids caused by ptosis. Between concerns about glue allergies and concerns about stretching sensitive eyelid skin too much, it might be time to stop using eyelid tape for the long term. But how does it work and which brand of eyelid tape is the best? This post will answer both questions and show you why eyelid tape is the best non-surgical treatment for ptosis.

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